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We offer three affordable package options:

Personalised Candles - Custom Wedding Favours


Our most popular option... personalised candles make the perfect gift to brighten you and your guests' day!

Working directly with you, we use details such as names, wedding date and venue to design a personalised label.

Choose from our range of more than 20 scents, or see option below to work with our experts & create the perfect fragrance for you!

Starting from 20 candles for £90 - bulk discount is available.

Choose Your Own Fragrance


Bespoke scented candles that represents your marriage

Do you have a favourite smell that evokes happy memories?

We work with you to recreate that special unique fragrance & share it with your wedding guests.

This option includes personalised candle labels, and starts from 20 candles for £110. (Bulk discount is available!)

Standard candles (non-personalised)


Hand-poured & high quality Cumbrian scented candles

Making your wedding favours memorable & special for guests (or those who are unable to attend) is our priority.

Whether they decide to burn their candles, or keep it for a lifetime, we provide high-quality scented candles to couples across the UK.

Starting from 20 candles for £80 - bulk discount is available.

Ready to start creating your wedding favours?

Give us the details of your special day and we'll be in touch to discuss what we can do for you.

Which option are you interested in?

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